How to eat healthy on a budget


How to eat healthy on a budget

A lot of us think we need to spend heavily in order to eat healthy hence we settle for 'cheap junk'. To some extent, that statement is true but there's a way around it. Today, I'll be showing you some tips you can apply to spend less and still enjoy a nutritious diet. Let's get started.

  • Have a Food Timetable:

If you want to save money on feeding costs, then you have to know what it is you want to eat. Create a feeding schedule which would feature your desired foodstuffs. Remember to keep your diet as balanced as possible. Also plan for the exact quantity of those groceries that you'll need. You're trying to cut down on bills so there should be no room for excesses.

  • Cook your own meals:

Homemade food is a way cheaper option than fast food. Why pay a fortune for a meal outside if you can just stay home and make it yourself? Cooking takes time and energy, I get it. So here's what you can do. Try cooking once a week for the whole week.

  • Buy only what you need:

Items in the grocery store or Supermarket are arranged in such a way that they grab your attention and stimulate you to buy. However, you have to discipline yourself and commit to your shopping list. Only get what you came there for. Resist the urge to patronize side attractions. Also, don't go shopping on an empty stomach. You'll be very likely to get a snack you didn't plan for. 

  • Leverage on Discounts:

There would always be discount offers on groceries from time to time. Check the Weekly fliers like XXXX and see how you can get your desired groceries at lesser prices.

  • Bulk Buying:

Getting your food supplies in large quantities puts you in a position where you can pay less. This tip doesn't apply to every grocery, just the ones that can last till you exhaust them.

  • If possible, start a farm:

If you're observant enough, you'll notice that people living in villages appear healthier than those living in the City. You may ask why and I'll tell you it's because of their diet. Most of the food consumed by villagers is fresh farm produce. It's not like the City where almost everything we eat is processed. If you have the time and resources, I strongly suggest you start a farm. Asides from the health benefits, natural food has better taste than processed food and it costs less.

  • Less sugar, more water:

Water is life and has so many health benefits. The same can't be said about sugary drinks though. Other than the fact that they put you at the risk of obesity and diabetes, they also suck from your pockets. Ditch those drinks, stay hydrated and thank me later.

  • Limit your meat intake:

Meat may be a reliable source of protein but you're better off with healthier and cheaper alternatives like eggs and tofu.







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